Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Hakomi Institute
In alignment with our principles of unity and nonviolence and our core practice of loving presence, the Hakomi Institute is committed to taking an active role in ending racism, gender discrimination, homophobia, transphobia, ageism, ableism and other forms of marginalization and discrimination.

As a community dedicated to psychological healing and growth, we realize that the core of all discriminatory behavior is unseen implicit bias that needs to be acknowledged and brought to conscious awareness. We respect the contributions of the social justice movement in bringing awareness to the need for psychological work around unconscious bias. This is a significant evolution in human consciousness that we both celebrate and support.

Our Commitment

Our institute, its leadership and the healing methods we teach first evolved in America and are influenced by the unconscious power dynamics and privilege of the dominant culture in the United States. Hakomi’s faculty and staff are committed to an ongoing process of examining and owning our unearned privilege, working on our implicit bias, becoming more culturally humble and aware, and building a more diverse, equitable, inclusive and accessible international community.

Our Learning Edges

Hakomi faculty members are at differing levels in the work of examining our implicit bias. Given this, expect us to experience our own learning edges at times as we work alongside you in our classes to become more culturally aware educators and helping professionals. When working with cultural issues, we're committed to interacting in ways that support deep truth telling as well as Hakomi’s core principles of mindfulness and nonviolence.

Our Overarching Goal

Our goal as an organization is to break free of unhealthy power dynamics we’ve inherited from the dominant culture and become the most vibrant, diverse, and culturally aware and supportive community we’re capable of being. We realize that this will require a lifetime’s work, if not the work of several generations. Our commitment to this goal arises from several things that matter deeply to us: embodying Hakomi’s principles more fully in our lives and in our work, developing compassionate, humble and self-aware helping professionals, and creating a learning environment that’s as safe, inclusive, welcoming and accessible as possible.

Resources and Initiatives

  • Hakomi’s DEI Committee informs our work to support diversity, equity and inclusivity. For more information, please contact committee chair Lorena Monda at HakomiDEI@gmail.com
  • To offer feedback or suggestions about how to improve diversity, equity and inclusion within Hakomi's California community, or to report or seek support to repair culturally insensitive interactions within our community, please contact our executive director, Rhonda Mattern at 415-839-6788.
  • View a letter to our community expressing our support of Black Lives Matter
  • View a list of DEI-related resources